Meeting Presentations

March 2012

Please watch this video as more information was added that was not addressed during the seminar on March 8, 2012.

AM Break-Outs:

(Due to large file size, Travel 201 has TWO links)
Travel 101-Part 1, Will Tate-Presenter
Travel 101-Part 2, Will Tate-Presenter
Customer Service Best Practices Notes, Flo Lee-Moderator

PM Break-Outs:

(Due to large file size, Travel 201 has TWO links)
Travel 201-Part 1
, Will Tate-Presenter
Travel 201-Part 2, Will Tate-Presenter
Perfecting Travel Management with Hotels, Flo Lee-Moderator

May 2011

Julia Marrocco, Mental Iron Coaching - What's EQ Got To Do With It?

April 2011

Genevieve Beatty-Tinsay, Gen Cubed - Engaging and Communicating with the Millennials

March 2011

Shane Downey, Global Business Travel Association - Get Into Politics or Get Out of Business

February 2011

Aaron Kelling, AirPlus International, Inc. - Airlines: Fees, Mergers and Contracts!

January 2011

Joshua Lehner, State of Oregon - Economic Update and Outlook

November 2010

Tina Burke, Transportation Security Administration
503-889-3055 or [email protected]

May 2010

James M. Sisco, NBTA Aviation Committee - Airline Industry Overview

April 2010

Mary Peters, MeetGreen - Green Meetings

March 2010

Joshua Lehner, State of Oregon - Economic Update

February 2010

Will Tate, Management Alternatives - New Technology Within the Travel Industry

January 2010

Bradley Seitz, Topaz International - New Ways of Doing Business Using Social Media

November 2009

Cynthia Bosselait, Hotel RFP Solutions - Hotel Contract Negotiations

September 2009

Yasuo Sonoda, Sonoda Travel Management Solutions - Strategic Travel Management

April 2009

John Mitchell -Searching for the Bottom
John puts the current environment into perspective, talks about the things that are underway that will end the downturn, and the prospects for the industry and Oregon. (Please note this information WAS current as of April 2009)

January 2009

Diane Childs, State of Oregon - Oregon ID Theft Protection Act
Important information about the Oregon ID Theft Protection Act can be found here.

September 2008

Charles Franklin, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. - Buying/Selling Business Travel in Today's Political and Economical Environment

June 2008

Veronica Rinard, Travel Portland - Travel Portland Update

March 2008

Tim Hay, DAS State Procurement Office - State of Oregon Travel Program

February 2008

Kevin Maguire, CCTE - NBTA - Today and Tomorrow

January 2008

Tina A. Burke - Post-9/11 Air Travel: How to Ensure Your Trip Goes Smoothly Before You Even Leave the Ground.

Doug Kaltenberg - The Power of Promotional Products